"Discipline is not something we do to you, it is something we do for you.".

Originally founded as Lennox Stars by directors Nancy Valle and Betsy McLaurin and Asst. Director Leslie Ayala (now a Director), this organization was renamed Powered By Dance in 2003. We are located in the city of Lennox, right by the Los Angeles Airport. We accept students from 2 to 18 years of age. Our objective for our dancers are to provide a wide range of inspiring, inclusive and appropriate creative dance experiences for children and young people. We ensure high quality dance experiences across all parts of dance, reaching children and young people of all ages and abilities. We provide a wholesome environment and medium for students from Preschool age to High School and entertain audiences through team dance/drill performances and competitions. We stress the importance of competition as a means of motivation to excellence and we teach physical fitness through activity. The specific skills associated with this activity include but are not limited to: endurance, flexibility, rhythm, and coordination. We also teach emotional fitness through teamwork. The specific skills associated with the activity include but are not limited to: dependability, responsibility, commitment, sportsmanship, discipline, and awareness of the capabilities of others. We provide dance training for students at all levels of dance, from beginner to advanced. Lastly we provide opportunities for young people to develop their talent and ability in dance to a high level.